In Zale Graphic we offer a wide selection of printed materials like Canvas, decals, PVC, trovicel, acrylic, fabric, micro perforated vinyl, Banners, Displays Industrial, corporate and vehicle signs.

  • Boards

    We manufacture white boards for walls, sliding boards, cork and fabric boards with acrylic trays, paper bins and more.

  • Acrylics

    We offer different kinds of acrylic and polycarbonate products fabricated to our clients exact requirements like: mailboxes, paper bins, exhibitors, containers, menu holders, pedestals, and special designs.

  • Paperwork printing

    We manufacture Business cards, custom notebooks, custom paperwork, flyers, brochures, and folders.

  • Labels

    We offer labels for : Material id. , Checked materials, Scrap, Accepted labels, and special designs.

  • Signs

    We offer different types of printed materials like: Printed canvas, decals, rigid materials like PVC, trovicel, acrylics, fabric, micro perforated vinyl , Banners, Displays, cut vinyl industrial, corporate and vehicle signs.

    Walls | Floor | Racing cars | Camouflage | Motorcycles Go Karts | Trailers | Vehicle wraps | Glass

  • Industrial signs and labels

    We manufacture signs with high quality and resistance materials like: Polycarbonate, Coroplast, acrylic, and sheet metal. We offer fire, informative warning signs with reflective materials.

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